Struggling To Get A victory Royale? Getting Killed By Pro Player? read till The End To Become a Pro.

  • Choosing A Landing Zone: This is the first decision you make in Fortnite: Battle Royale, and it sets the tone for an entire match. Every player starts on the Battle Bus and then jumps out and glides to their eventual landing spot. And if you want to win, you’re best off picking a relatively unpopulated area. Large structures and settlements are going to be crawling with players, and you’ll have no real way of controlling whether you become one of the lucky ones that make it out. I usually try to find a nice place with a hut or two towards the edge of the map, and if I see another player running around I’ll do my best to just glide right on out of there. Early game combat is a major headache. Just try to get a few weapons and make your way to the safe zone. If you’re in the safe zone, stay put.
  • Headphones: Fortnite Uses Directional audio that tells you which direction the sound is coming. Audio is one most important Aspects of Fortnite. It is easier to Find where the sound is coming on headphones than Speakers. Having Good Headphones Increases your Gameplay a lot, whether that means gunshots, an enemy player, construction, etc. This is a huge piece of information to have if you’re looking to avoid someone sneaking up on you, or if you’re trying to sneak up on someone else. Headphones are Best.
  • Normal, Green, Blue, Purple, Gold: Weapons come in rarity types that increase in power. So look at the stars beneath any weapons you pick up: they increase in power from regular to green to blue to Gold.
  • Keep Moving: There are two basic ways to play this game. The first is to stick around the edges of the playable area, fighting people as they make their way in and just generally participating in a higher-activity game. You’ll wind up with a decent selection of weapons and power-ups this way. The other is the way I’d recommend. Pick a spot close to the centre of the playable area, and then just sit there. If the area focuses in on somewhere you didn’t expect, go towards the centre of that.
  • Be Patient: This is the big one. The same as PUBG, Fortnite rewards players that exercise caution. This applies in nearly every situation. If you find yourself towards the centre of the eye of the storm, get some weapons to wait it out in a safe spot with an easily monitored entrance for as long as you can. If you’re outside the storm, don’t feel like you need to run to the centre any earlier than you have to, and have a plan in place when you move.

Shield Potions Are Hugely Important: If you see a blue orb-looking thing, grab it. It’s likely a shield potion, which will increase the maximum amount of damage you can take up to another 100 points.

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